Radical Recall's Smart-Voter QCards:
Smart Voter QCard Front BackIntroduction:
To support our Recall Leaders to help spread the word about their Recall Efforts, the Radical team has come-up with a printed voter education card we call "SmartVoter QCards" that are 3"x4" color-printed cards that has on one side the "Legislative Legister" information for a Colorado Senate or House representative that is being recalled, and on the other side is instructions for how to "Pre-Register a Recall Signature" that includes a 30 Second, 3-step process to complete on the radical recall website.
What Does "Q" Mean:
Do you know that the letter "Q" is the only letter that does not appear in any of the names of the 50 states in America ?  Why is that significant ?  Well, from Radical's perspective, it represents the emerging population of liberty loving patriots who believe they need to take their country back as the Federal Government, as well as many complicit Democratically-controlled US States continue to chip-away at our liberties and freedoms with ill-advised and one-sided legislative efforts, and that we, collectively as patriotic conservatives, represents a new "evolving state" of action.   
Also, the "Q" stands for "QR" Code that we use on the back of the Smart-Voter QCard to enable you to scan the QR code with your smartphone (and QR Code Scanning App) and be taken directly to the Recall Page.
Or you can