Radical Recall Leader Checklist:
rrchecklistthumbnailTo assist our Recall Leaders and their Circulators/Volunteers with their recall efforts, we have put together (our thanks to Ben Engen of Constellation Political Consulting) a Radical Recall Leader Checklist that has a complete step-by-step listing of tasks and procedures you can use to shift your Recall activities into high gear!
Just click on the PDF Document Image Thumbnail on this page (or HERE) and you can pop-up the checklist live on the web-site, (where you can print it or download it using the built-in download and print features at the top of the PDF viewer), or if you prefer (and know how to) you can just download it quickly by right-clicking on the PDF Image and saving it locally.
Coming Up:
The Radical Recall Team will be working in the coming weeks to develop a tailored Recall Template for each House and Sentate Recall efffort that goes live that will be downloadable by our offical Recall Team members on the website with their private login credentials.  Stay tuned !