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On this page you will be able to use the "Pre-Register Your Recall Signature" form to both subscribe to the Radical Recall mail list for news and updates on all Senate and House recall efforts in Colorado, but also to be able to "Pre-Register" your Recall Signature.  By providing us with your digital contact information (name, address, email address, phone numbers, etc) as well as your approval to let us know you support the recall of a Colorado senate or house legislator, you will be ready and prepared to sign a legitimately drafted recall petition when it's available.
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Know your House or Senate District Numbers:
Using the integrated "District Finder Tool" on this website, you will be able to input your address into the"Who Represents Me?" Tool to find your local House Representative or State Senator and the District (by number) they represent.  Just Click the District Finder Menu Button above in the Menu to Load the "BallotPedia Powered" lookup tool, or click the image at the right to launch directly to the District Finder Page.
How Recall on Demand Works:
By subscribing and opting-in to the Radical Recall email list on our website to receive news and updates via email, you will be kept up to date on all the news and activities surrounding recalls for both Colorado and House Senate Seats.  In addtion, by pre-registering your contact information, you will be part of Radical Recall's "Recall on Demand" program which will allow us to rally and marshall large groups of voters in specific districts who might need to be 'mobilized' in the future to support future candidate recall efforts or specific, overreaching bills that we disagree with (like NPV).
Instead of having to 'recreate the wheel' every time for each ballot petition and/or candidate recall and knocking on doors, spending huge amounts of money on social media, TV and radio ads, etc...we would prefer to communicate directly with motivated and informed voters directly who are interested in actively participating and supporting these democratic initiatives in a more pro-active fashion.
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