Et tu, Brute?

On Sunday, May 12, 2019 Rochelle Galindo announced that effective immediately, she was resigning from her position as Colorado House District 50 representative.  It came as a complete shock to everyone.  Just days earlier Galindo had reaffirmed that she was in it to win it and would not be distracted from her duties representating constituents in her district.  Then; never mind, I resign effective immediately.

What happened?  The 'word on the street' (God, I hate that Harry Reid-ism) had it that there was a sudden allegation of some sort of sexual improprietary.  Regardles of your party affiliation, you have got to be sick and tired of this crap.  And you wonder why more good people won't step up to serve their country? 

But I find the timing a little suspicious and if you don't hear anything more on this supposed allegation, I'd question it.

Now as with everything in my life, I may be wrong but I believe the truth has nothing to do with a sexual allegation.  I think that's the convenient 'that's my story and I'm stickin' to it' that gives the Democrats cover as they unceremoniously and unemotionally dump one of their own. 

I think the truth is the Democratic party saw the writing on the wall for Galindo with the almost guaranteed success of the recall campaign against her.  And they simply decided to cut their losses...and her.  It's not personal, its business.

Why?  With a solid 9 seat majority in the House, Democrats were in no jeopardy of losing control.  Why not stand behind her, defend her against the usual bogeymen; big money, outside interests, misogonists, sexual bigots, anti-Green New Deal apostates, etc.. Apologies to any bogeyman I forgot to mention.

Now you may not agree with Rochelle's ideology and that's ok, but SHE believed it.  That's America, we argue passionately about the things we believe in, we debate the issues and in the end we make decisions and we move on.  At least that's the way we used to do it.

So I ask again, why?  Because in the end, to the Democrat party the 'vote' is more important then the 'voter' casting it.  Rochelle Galindo is simply collateral damage.  By having her resign instead of fighting for her career, the party forgoes a recall election and possible loss of her seat to a Republican.  A resignation protects their 'vote' as the party now gets to appoint a new 'voter' to fall in line.

So Rochelle, the hell with all the dreams, ambitions and goals of a young woman just starting out on a career of public service to help those in her community as she best saw fit. 

The hell with your intentions of bringing social justice reform to your district, however well intentioned but misguided many of us believe it is.

The hell with you and AOC marching across the revenue rich oil and gas fields of Weld county and saving the planet from impending environmental devastation in twelve years.

We the Democratic Party believe in you Rochelle, and all the worthy dreams you aspire to...just not enough to support you in that upcoming recall election. 

Therefore, we the Democratic Party thank you for your 16 weeks of service to the country but more importantly, to our party...now, get out.