In my first RADICAL report, The Colorado 'Red Roadmap', I talked about the shocking transformation of Colorado from red to blue in just a few short years.  I described the Gang of Four, the architects of the 'Colorado Blueprint.'  I grudgingly tipped my hat to them for successfully executing that blueprint with incredible marketing sophistication and precision, supported by a tsunami of campaign money the likes of which this state had never seen and was totally unprepared for.

If you're looking for a silver lining, I guess it would be that we're awake now.  The question for us is whether we accept this new progressive reality, or do we fight back?  If you're reading this, I'm guessing you're ready to fight.  The question is, how?

I've been thinking about that question since deciding to get involved in late March.  I have to admit that after reading 'The Blueprint' How Democrats Won Colorado, I wasn't feeling too encouraged.  I originally got involved with the Polis recall effort and quickly realized what an enourmous undertaking it would be.  It will require an estimated $2,500,000 to $3,500,000 up front to finance.  Then, thousands and thousands of volunteers to try and collect a staggering 631,266 verified signatures in just 60 days.  The ongoing dispute between the two recall groups is only making matters more complicated.

But after two weeks of getting up to speed, I came to the decision that we've got the wrong strategy.  We're going after the one target with the highest bar for success (recalling the Governor), that will require the most resources in money and manpower, and will face incredible defensive firepower from the Group of Four Democratic machine, all directed against a single target (Polis recall group).

What the Hell is 'Rope-A-Dope'?

But at least they're trying and I had no better ideas.  Around that time I was flipping through some classic fights on YouTube one night and I watched the 1984 Ali/Foreman fight. And something just clicked. 

It seemed impossible that an aging Ali could win that fight.  He was stepping into the ring with an unbeaten 40-0 champion, who had knocked out 37 of those 40 men.  A lot of people, (myself included) were seriously concerned that Foreman might kill Ali, as he had almost done to Joe Frazier the year before.  Frazier was never the same after that vicious, six knockdown beating.

Frazier only knew one way to fight, move forward, strength against stength.  It had served him well throughout his career, until Foreman.  Ali however did something remarkable that night, forever known in boxing lore now as the 'rope-a-dope.' 

He basically let Forman hit him mercilessly with thunderous punches the first few rounds with almost no response.  Ali covered up and simply took the beating.  He did what he had to do, to have a chance of winning against a superior opponent.  He paid the price.

And by the 8th round Foreman was so utterly exhausted and punched out he looked like he had trouble just raising his arms to swing.  He looked like...an amateur.  The punch that finally knocked out a spent, defenseless Foreman in that 8th round wouldn't have made him blink in the 1st.

And that was the moment I realized;  Ali beat Foreman not by making himself a BETTER fighter that night but by making Foreman a WORSE fighter.  He brought Foreman down to his capabilities and managed to not only level the playing field against a superior opponent, he actually turned it to his advantage.  At the end, Foreman could see the punches coming but simply couldn't defend himself anymore.

And that is what I believe we can do here in Colorado by focusing not on the King (Polis) but his 60 minions (41 House/19 Senate democrats) with unprecedented recall efforts.  Sixty smaller skirmishes that we can individually take on at far less cost and resources and at least be competitive.  This as an alternative to a single, giant battlefield where most of the Democrat firepower will be concentrated against us.

So while the Polis recall groups do their best in moving forward in the Governor recall, we come at the House/Senate members and fracture the fight into multiple, smaller battles where our odds for success are measurably better.  How much better?  Consider this fact;

For the same 631,266 verified signatures we would need to recall Polis, we could successfully recall ALL 19 Democrat Senators and 35 of the 41 Democrat House representatives!

So that's the strategy that drove the development of this website and what I believe gives us at least a fighting chance to take our government back.  I want to be realistic, this is NOT going to be easy and many of our efforts will fail.  But some will succeed!  I have no doubt that Recall heroes like Victor Head in Pueblo in 2013 will rise across this state again in 2019.  Hopefully in the end, some will be enough for now to stop the progressive insanity that's trying to fundamentally change this state.

You now have a resource and tools you've never had before.  There's never been a website built specifically to facilitate recall efforts.  This website consolidates all recall campaign information into one website.  It provides instant email communication capability between individual district recall leaders and volunteers.  It shows you the exact number of approved signatures needed for each district recall and the number of registered voters available to you for that district.  It also lets you instantly communicate and hold town hall type meetings over any geographic distance via interactive video conferencing:

Hopefully it will generate power, enthusiasm and momentum as people see day to day progress and their confidence grows that we can actually do this.  Mike and I have tried to do our part to get in the fight.  So now, what say you Colorado?