About RADICAL...
The RADICAL concept, strategy and website were conceived by two longtime friends, 30-year entrepreneurs and business associates, Ric Rooney and Mike Schmidt.  It's a response to the outrageous, progressive overreach of the current Democrat government trifecta (Governor, House, Senate) we witnessed in the recently completed legislative session.
It only took four people to steer Colorado away from it's conservative roots, so why can't two guys do something to help start us on the road back?  This website is totally self-funded by myself and Mike.  It's our contribution to a great cause and our honor to give back to a state that's been so good to us over the years.
If you want to help...Fantastic.  We appreciate your interest and consideration.  We know this kind of 'Political Pushback' is going to be a long, difficult road to travel.  We are always open to exploring creative working relationships, alliances and partnership support from third parties.  If you're interested in helping, contact us HERE  and we'll get in touch with you.
If just two people can do all this in only six week's time, what can thousands of us accomplish if we join together in this recall effort?
Think about it...We're Rolling !
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