Hey, Colorado! Fed Up WithThis Radical Democratic Congress?

Then It's Time to Get: RADICAL! (Recall All Democrats in Colorado Against Liberty!)



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The Political "Reality Nightmare" in Colorado...

2019ColoradoHouseRepMatrix2019ColoradoSenateMatrixDemocrats Now Control The House & Senate:

The 2019 Democrat controlled legislature is devastating our state with one horrendous, progressive bill after another.  Democrats currently control the Governorship, House and Senate.  There is NO branch of Colorado government that can act as a check and balance against their progressive extremism now.  You’re seeing what happens when Democrats are given unfettered control of our government.

The Tool To Take Colorado Back: Recall

This website is your resource for step by step instructions on how to properly file a recall petition, as well as detailed information and assistance on how to actually run a SUCCESSFUL recall campaign.  It’s a difficult proposition, no doubt, but it can and has been done before in this state, with 3 successful recalls of Democratic house members in 2013 and now our first of 2019 with Rochelle Galindo, House District 50.  Ms. Galindo annouced on May 12, 2019 that she was resigning, effective immediately.  This is the power of Recall.  There will be more this year before we’re through.

If It Is To Be, It’s Up To Me.

There’s no cavalry coming to our rescue.  It’s up to us, we the people.  We the people let this happen on our watch.  It’s my fault.  It’s our fault.  We believed this beautiful state would always reflect the values of the majority of its citizens.  We were wrong.  But we the people can undo MUCH of the damage, if we pull together to do something truly unprecedented and historic: RADICAL! (Recall All Democrats In Colorado Against Liberty).

I want people to understand, we are not against all Democrats.  There will always be liberal and conservative points of view.  That's been a part of our political discourse for generations and fosters a healthy debate about our values and the future direction of our country.  What we are opposed to are all Democrats voting AGAINST the sacred concept of liberty

- When you vote 'aye' on the NPV (National Popular Vote) bill and take away our constitutional right to decide how our electoral votes will be allocated, you attack our liberties.

- When you vote 'aye' on SB181, the oil & gas restrictions bill, you make a mockery of the fact that Coloradoans voted overwhelmingly against Proposition 112 (essentially the same oil and gas restrictions) just four months earlier in the November, 2018 elections, you attack our liberties.

- When you vote 'aye' on the 'Red Flag' bill (HB177) and can now confiscate citizen's guns without due process, violating our second amendment rights, you attack our liberties. 

However, in instances where a Democrat voted to defend that sacred concept of liberty, you'll see we SUPPORTED that candidate and did NOT initiate a recall.             

Just One Person Makes A Difference.  Will It Be You?

In this recall process, the desire of the many can be served through the efforts of just one.  Every single person reading these words has the POWER to make a difference in your district!  It only takes ONE person to start the recall process.  Be that person.  Be that leader.  Stand with us.  Help us take Colorado back, one house and senate seat at a time. 

We will make history if we succeed, and give every state an alternate ‘Red Roadmap’ on how to take their state back from this progressive insanity, exactly the way the Democrats did with their ‘Colorado Blueprint’ in 2004 that started the process of taking it away from us.  We’re not asking for money for this unprecedented effort, save that for your respective District recall efforts.  What we’re asking for is a little sweat equity; get in the fight!  And for that sweat, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that when fellow Coloradoans needed you, YOU stood up and answered the call. 

God bless each and every one of you and God bless the great State of Colorado.

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